A Day in the life of This Recruiter

A day in the life of:

Many people say the same thing to me ‘chatting on the phone all day! And you get paid for it?’ This is my opportunity to tell you all (whether you care or not) what I do, and most importantly why I do it. Many of you reading this will have worked with recruitment companies for many years and will have had lots of different experiences. Most recruiters are regarded as a necessary evil at best, money grabbing staff stealers at worst and annoying stalkers as standard – I am different, those that work with me will know that and I will now explain why.

I joined the world of recruitment in 1998 as a green graduate with a years experience as a field sales rep for a packaging company; thought I knew everything (cos that’s what they tell you at Uni). I remember vividly on my first day in recruitment being surrounded by Yellow Pages, filing cabinets and paper (few computers back then) being asked why I took the job and my response was obvious to me – to help people. That was my first recruitment mistake (apparently) I was advised that I was in recruitment to help yes but the only person you help is yourself is to make money – the conversation had a massive impact on me and it is not something I will ever forget.

People who work with me know that I take the time to get to know them as well as their business; I am not expecting you to believe me but ask them; I save both employers and employees time and money and the hassle that goes with any type of recruitment project.

I found a real niche within the toy sector and have really worked to get to know the market, the people within it and what makes people in this industry tick – passion; we all have it and we all recognise it each other and ourselves. I have a real ability to visualise how companies could be shaped and a knowledge of people means that I can find the right people for the right company. When you work with Birchwood Recruitment you have a real advantage and that is that you work with me, you are not going to be passed from pillar to post and have to explain your story to lots of different people. Since starting my own company my opportunity has been massive; the opportunity of a clean slate was actually a very welcome one and I feel the toy trade is richer for it; I do things my way, working with whom I choose. I will not put candidates into a role to get ‘bums on seats’ and I will not work with companies just because they ask me to and I need the numbers.

I am increasingly being asked my opinion on all sorts of business matters and am finding more of my time is being taken up with consultancy projects in small developing businesses. A really interesting chance to actually use some of the stuff I studied in University all that time ago, I am finding that this is proving to be hugely beneficial when recruiting as it allows me to look at the bigger picture and not just the recruitment project. I am also getting involved with guest speaking – free food and the chance to talk about me, who wouldn’t!!!!

Now after many years recruiting I have had many experiences good and bad I can safely say that I remain in recruitment for the very same reason I started in recruitment and that is to help people.


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