Bloody Recruiters!!!

Putting yourself in the shoes of both the candidates and the client at the same time is a real skill. It’s easy for a recruiter to work with the candidate; we tell them what to do. There are thousands of sites to help with interview preparation and how to get a job, good recruiters will prepare their candidates, and good candidates will seek all the information that they need and prepare themselves for interview.

Oh hang on though there are 2 people in an interview (at least) a candidate who wants a job and a client who wants to hire – who prepares them? The great recruiter that’s who.   Most recruiters would not dare to overtly try to prepare their clients as most recruiters have their client on a pedestal so high it’s a wonder they can get a phone signal never mind conduct an interview. Once the recruiter has got over the excitement of getting the job on – if you are in recruitment you can smile/cringe if you have to do something ridiculous when you register a vacancy (run around the office, sing a song, ring a bell, do a dance). Most recruiters respond in the same way, get excited, (which is a good thing), work out what the fee will be, and many start spending the money; guess what fellow recruiters….. The client hears you, hears all of this, hears the gloating and the preening and all you have done is register a job, hello! You have not done any work yet!!!!!

Recruiters are trained (bred) to treat clients as gods, the client sets the spec, the client sets the package and the client sets the time frame – vitally the client pays the fee. Therefore the client is godlike and always right.

So who is going to say Mr/s client how often do you interview? Have you prepared your questions? What’s your format? What do you need to find out about your candidates? In the main my clients are Managing Directors so I do a lot of the ground work for them and so should you, its separates the men from the boys in recruitment as you are saving your client time and you are increasing your consultative approach – problem with this is that managers don’t always see the benefit as you are not banging the phone to get the next vacancy!! Companies have for too long accepted the fact they have to use recruiters, the great recruiter is wanted and that’s the difference. The client pays your fee for you to find the right people and to save their time – and not just so they don’t have to do the candidate rejections!!

Trust me recruiters it is amazing what happens when you ask the right questions that’s when the recruiter becomes the consultant, if you are prepared to really question the mighty client you then start the process of working WITH clients rather than for them – clients are people too – they get nervous about interviewing, they don’t  want leave people with a bad impression. Good companies do not recruit often and you don’t want to be working with the company with a revolving door (look out for this forthcoming blog).

It’s not about recruiters being different it’s about doing what we do well, with consistency and with passion. You will then earn your fee and the client will use you again and refer you to others – hey recruiter you created a long term win/win!!!

When you are ready to move from being good to being great; I am active recruiter who also works with businesses and individuals on bespoke consultancy projects. To find out more about what I do as a recruiter and how I work with businesses then please call me on 01594 529413.


8 thoughts on “Bloody Recruiters!!!

  1. Brilliant…Good to great…if only more people knew the method in the madness above. Spoken like a true facilitator. Be genuinely interested in your client and your candidates interest and help them help themselves…a mutual fit for all parties. That is why you succeed Amanda and why you are at the top of your game.

  2. All excellent points! Never make any assumptions about your client: you’re setting yourself up for surprises when the situation is too tentative and frail to withstand any complications. First impressions can kill and most people are so nervous during the interview that if they’re not adequately prepared they can very easily make mistakes. And clients definitely pay recruiters specifically so they can have an advantage over other job seekers! Better give them their moneys worth.

    • Anja, not forgotten about you. I have looked at your resume and I think it looks really good. It would be really interesting to know what type of roles you are thinking about as it may be worth tailoring your CV to a particular market. If I can be of any help then please do not hesitate to ask. Amanda

    • Hi there it is one of the formats available on here that has been customized with my shoes… simple is always best with me.
      Thank you so much for your feedback

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