Revolving Door

I spoke to a number of candidates recently about what I felt was a really interesting sales role with a successful toy company. The response from all the candidates was the same a resounding NO.  One of the candidates responded with ‘they have a revolving door for National Account Managers’. This means that my client has a problem, and therefore so do I.

Reputation; sometimes deserved,  sometimes unfounded, at times unfair and sometimes totally fair. I am talking about the employment reputation of a business, good or even great products are not enough – It is a killer of businesses  and often (in my experience) businesses do not even realise they have this reputation; and who is going to tell a £76million business with offices in 6 countries that no one wants to work with them? Of course I did!!!

It’s a hard conversation to have, of course the Sales Director took it very personally and became defensive; and proceeded to tell me exactly how successful they had been, and all the great products that they had. I totally agree, fantastic product range of generic and branded toys and a range of licences that any preschool toy company would be delighted with. I had done my background checks too; they pay their bills, retailers like their products and so did my son (always the best critic). So where was the problem?

The people!! I spent a sometime speaking about the company with the trade and the discoveries were many and common; and the toy trade has a loud voice, a powerful voice and at times it can be very blinkered. I fed all of the information back to the company (confidentially of course) and the Sales Director was not impressed. We put together a plan of how to try and change opinion of the market and we worked on what the best candidate would now look like given what we were up against.

So not only did I have a recruitment project to work, I had a reputation to try and mend on my clients behalf. Their new National Account Manager has been with the company for 3 months now and I am delighted the say their trade reputation has really started to turn – Someone rang me last week to register and they said if they could work with anyone in the toy trade this company would be on the list.

So the big question is how did we do it? To find out how I can work with your business contact me on 01594 529413/07796 697100


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