I’m using the C word and meaning it… Are you?

I’ve had a bit of an epiphany recently; two little words that I now embrace rather than run away from.

For recruiters and sales people all over the world these words get pushed away, seen as weak, and at worst? over used for the wrong reasons. I am going to mention these words but you merely have to read them, you don’t have to read them out load or tattoo them on your face, I’ve got you… the words are… I care (it’s OK,  just whisper it, I know its scary, I was terrified!!!

It is both my commercial experience and the training that I have received that has taught me to whisper I care rather than shout it from a roof top. During my first week in a new industry I was asked why I chose a career in recruitment, I said ‘I care and I want to help people’; my then line manager roared with laugher; “Amanda, this is a sales job the only person you help is yourself to make lots of money”. Sales people of all disciplines are trained to:

* care about their product or service

* care about the numbers

* care about the sale

* care about the money

* care about targets

*care about the business

* care about the current and next order

Look on any website selling a product or service and you will see the word care everywhere from customer care departments, to product care to caring about the environment. A company website is a window for the consumer to see into a business, the business chooses the view through the window and no business is ever going to give the consumer the idea ‘buy from us, we don’t give a ****’. Generally the view from the inside of the business is very different, businesses love to use the C word for the world at large but internally??

I hear about companies that don’t care everyday, I hear about people who don’t care everyday. Frankly, that keeps me in a job so on the one hand its great that people forget the people as I am here to remind them. However in business as in life, you need the best teams you can possibly have in your organisation and teams are not numbers on a spreadsheet they are people!

Business owners/Employers you need to care about your people, a  recessed market is easy to blame to get out of paying bonuses and making people work extra hard as ‘they should be bloody grateful they have a job’. This may represent a short-term gain; staff that will work harder for longer to get the work of 3 people done, but long-term this represents a big loss. The economy will turn, and when it does do you want your best team members taking other opportunities, burned out or hating their jobs? Remember recruiters are wooing your best people for when the market turns. Care about your staff; think about how you would feel in a given situation and adapt your behaviour to make your staff feel wanted and appreciated. Think… an interesting word, employers don’t always think about the impact of what they do you know, this true story was relayed to me recently: June Sales meeting: “Times are really hard people we are all having to tighten our belts, we are going to have to freeze pensions, and bonuses this year to ensure that we all have jobs next year”. August sales meeting: “has everyone seen my new Maserati in the car park? isn’t it beautiful”. I would love to tell you this is exceptional, its scarily common all it needs is a little thought from the MD as to how this will be viewed.

Candidates; care about your career. It does not matter if you are an active or passive job hunter it is your life, your career and, your responsibility to care about it enough to know which companies you are applying to, which job boards and recruiters you are registered with, and who is representing you for which role. If you are an active job seeker you are either out of work currently or need to change roles as soon as possible and if that comes over it will show as being desperate; being desperate equates to cheap for a hirer and desperate is scary for all hirers. If you are a passive job seeker you may be ‘keeping your eye on the market’ or being kept informed of roles that come up but do you know what the recruiters and job boards are doing with your details; you need to care about this when your current employers hears about your CV being ‘out there’ its a little too late to care.

I care about lots of things in my life: my son, my candidates, my business, my identity, my clients, my market, recruitment, my integrity, my reputation, my honesty, my style, my experience, my family, my skills, my knowledge, my friends. Most of all I CARE about doing the best possible job with everyone I work with, I have gone from a whisperer to a shouter – I am not only using the C word I believe in the C word, and I am shouting about the C word; It’s the I CARE that makes me who I am and good at what I do.

I work in many different ways, I am a recruiter, I am a mentor of individuals and I am a facilitator within businesses. Most importantly I choose to work only on projects I believe in. Contact me to find out how we can work together to improve your career and your business. Give me a call…x


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