The Silence

THE SILENCE, A fictitious religious order from Dr Who and the worst nightmare for every recruitment project!

The phone rings and it’s a new vacancy; fantastic! The recruiter asks all the right questions, explains the process, the client gives the recruiter a wish list the size of the galaxy and wahoo for the recruiter (try not to spend the commission yet wont you! and remember clients can hear that!) The client then breathes a massive sigh of relief; in many cases the client feels that their job is done. A horrible job delegated, spec passed to the expert, and the next thing recruiters get is ‘THE SILENCE’ – no, not the scary people from Dr Who (although that would be better at times) the deafening quiet from the oh so excited client who now only wants information emailed and is not answering any of you follow-up questions. At this point the employers feel they have done their bit and that it is over to the recruiter.

Recruiters to avoid THE SILENCE you need to keep the rapport! During the initial conversation tell your client what you are going to do and when you are going to do it and then stick to it (sounds simple enough, and it is). A common concern from Employers is that recruiters are fast with the Terms of business and then communication goes out of  the window. As recruiters we can only move at the speed of our candidates; we may not have all the information we need to make a complete follow-up call but if you have said you will call the client back at a specific time then do it; apart from anything else its manners. Recruiters in general have so many KPI’s to work towards that they are not given the time to work a vacancy properly; if we recruiters called every active candidate to let them know that they had no news then we would never get anything else done – fact! Recruiters please do not allow your KPI’s to devalue your service; the project comes first.

Employer beware as this is when we need to communicate your story with the candidates and if we hear nothing from the employer we struggle to give the candidates enough/the right information at the right time. Employers; consider the effect that a lack of communication has on a recruitment project. I am a contingency recruiter (no win no fee), so I like many others do all of the ground work for nothing –  it’s no wonder that recruiters don’t hang around forever waiting for clients to come back; it reflects both your reputation and mine. I am honest with my candidates when clients ignore my calls and I explain that I will have to shelve the project until the client comes back to me.

Employers!! Please remember – I have mentioned this in previous blogs. When you instruct a recruiter you are not just asking them to find a new member of staff you are asking them to represent your organisation. Recruiters like to talk (me more than most, you don’t have to tell me) and you as a business owner/decision maker need to be confident that your recruiter is on message with the vacancy, on message with your business and that the recruiter is delivering the right information in the best way; to do that communicate with your recruiter!!

THE SILENCE is the biggest sign that something has gone wrong; could be the fault of the recruiter and could be the fault of the employer; most important is that in this case silence is not golden. If the recruiter has inflicted the silence then they do not or cannot work the vacancy, if the employer has inflicted the silence then something has changed – find out what!!!

You know what? The biggest complaint from employers about recruiters is the price; it’s not about the price it’s about the cost; it could be costing you more than you will ever know!!! It’s good to talk, recruiters empower your clients and take responsibility.

I work in many different ways, I am a recruiter, I am a mentor of individuals and I am a facilitator within businesses. Most importantly I choose to work only on projects I believe in. Contact me to find out how we can work together to improve your career and your business. Give me a call…x


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