It’s ALL about the Kudos

When I moved back to ‘the shire’ from Bristol I was apprehensive about many things but not hairdressers, I would continue to use the salon in Bristol that I had used for years. Then reality hit.. anyone who lives in Gloucestershire knows that to get to Bristol is easy! Getting back  is another story – Bloody Severn Bridge Toll (On 1st January it rose to £6). So after a couple of false starts with local hairdressers I found Kudos and more importantly I found Jo.

Like many hairdressers Jo is bubbly, welcoming and always very pleased to see her customers and share a little local news!! We quickly developed a rapport, it was a full 20 minutes before she even started my hair; she took the time to find out about me, how I felt about my hair and then talked to me about what would work and what wouldn’t. Jo advised me she is a ‘facilitator, not a dictator’ and at the time I don’t believe she realised the power of her words (she does now).

Jo has been cutting my hair for over 3 years now and I am always delighted with the results; I have total trust in her ability and judgement; however there is more to my relationship with Kudos than that!

To those that don’t know the local area Kudos is based in Lydney (a small town on the edge of the Forest of Dean) – and it’s overrun with bloody hairdressers! ‘Amanda, how do I stand out from the others?’ is how we started to work together. We looked at many aspects of the business and came up with a plan; Kudos has joined forces with a local beauticians and a local gym so that collectively they can offer a spa service in the town; more importantly Kudos has created an identity. Identity and branding is vital for any business; so rather than the usual monochrome boredom, the wall you see from the road is now cerise pink, with new lighting to show it off. Cerise pink carries through the whole salon in the form of fresh flowers, towels and sweets,  and even Jo herself is adorned with a Cerise pink bangle and lipstick – and it works; I speak from experience with the red shoes; Jo is THE Pink Lady!!

Jo describes herself has a hair addict and business professional, she can often be found watching the latest videos on cutting and styling on the internet; Hubbie Nick very disappointed it wasn’t porn when he sneaked in to see what she was doing the other week!!

Jo started in hairdressing at 16 after deciding that A level Maths, Physics, Biology, and Performing Arts were not for her (who said hairdressers were ditzy?). “I started on the shop floor literally; I was scrubbing it! …I worked my arse off for £60 a week until I qualified. I worked at a few salons and ended up managing all of them at some point or another! (too bossy I guess). Anyway, while managing a salon in Coleford and heard that Kudos was being put up for sale; Well I had to didn’t I! We (her and husband Nick) bought the salon in 2008 when I was 28”

I wanted to interview Jo for my blog for many reasons, to show the world that hairdressers are highly passionate, commercially astute people, and bloody good business people who should never be underestimated being the main one. I love working with Jo and sharing her original ideas and views of the world; I would normally change all of this before blogging but you need to experience what I do:

What do you do? Hairdresser/ counsellor/ confidant/ mother/ wife/ business woman/manager……

Why do you do what you do? Are you joking?? I get paid to make people look pretty and happy! No brainer, I love it!

Where do you get your motivation? Coffee.

Who is your hero? I have so many! Professionally, got to be Vidal Sassoon. What he did for our industry paved the way for creativity!

What is your favourite comfort food? Cake.

What’s your greatest achievement? My children. Without question. Also, managing to pull off 55 hour weeks in the salon whilst dealing with sick kids at home, all on 3 hours sleep per night. fairly big achievement I think….

Biggest failure? I genuinely don’t believe in failure. Is there really such a thing? Shit is how you perceive it. It either smells; well… shit, or it fertilises your plants. I prefer to see shit as a fertilizer, that helps things grow.

Tell us your plan? I plan to do what I love for as long as I love what I do. Plans change, so I have more “random ideas” instead.

Where do you get your inspiration? My staff, TV, Internet, Clients……

Who do you admire? Most people in some way or another. Mostly my husband for supporting me and my whim, and keeping the family going whilst I’m off playing with hair!

What makes your toes curl? My kids.

What makes your heart soar? My kids.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A vet. seriously, doesn’t every little girl? That or a pop star

What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor (much rather a human arse than a cows these days) or a pop star.

How you going to change the world? By opening one mind at a time 😉

Jo and I will continue to work together and we will keep you posted of further developments! You can Follow the Kudos Hairdressing page on Facebook for the latest tips from the team, and reach the team at Kudos on 01594 844644. Each and every one of them happy to help and highly talented. Jo is at the back of this picture next to husband Nick – the only man in a sea of women, lucky boy! I almost forgot to mention that along with serving very good coffee and biscuits (those that know me will know my addiction to coffee) you can also get a beer, a glass of wine, or even some bubbly for a real pampering treat!!!

I work in many different ways, I am a recruiter, I am a mentor of individuals and I am a facilitator within businesses. Most importantly I choose to work only on projects I believe in. Contact me to find out how we can work together to improve your career and your business. Give me a call…x


3 thoughts on “It’s ALL about the Kudos

  1. Brilliant piece Amanda! Always great to work with someone with a great business mind, and a sense of humour and reality!
    My facebook page is open to all sorts of questions, if you need advice of the hair kind, or indeed advice on plate spinning (metephorically, I am fast becomming a master!!) Post it, Ill endeavour to answer as best I can 🙂
    And yes, I cut men’s hair too 😉

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