Can’t be a good mum… The comments!

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Following my blog of last week I wanted to complete the circle and share all of the comments that I had. I really did not expect this level of response; this started out as me having a little rant and has mushroomed, I have included all the comments given to me (I hope) but have had to cut many of them down. There are some fantastic people to link with on here – Inspiring me all the way;

Thank you xxx

“All I have to say is that if they decide to stay at home they should be supporting this themselves… If we were all the same the world would be a very boring place… find a balance that works with your own family”. Samantha Jones (via Facebook)

“I was stunned” @mumpreneurUK (Via Twitter)

“I completely agree with you! Working mothers help shape the minds of their children into believe that the world isn’t handed to you on a plate and you have to put in the effort to get the results. I was raised by a working (single) mother and am now one myself.  My daughter doesn’t miss out on an ounce of love and happiness and appreciates I have to work… She has known the value of money from a young age… The only way to teach children independence is to give it to them” Kyleigh Hill (via WordPress) @KyleighHill

“I’m a stay at home mum… I don’t watch daytime telly… and certainly do not go to endless coffee mornings and despite having 3x small children I hope I’m not a babybore!! So respect to us both…”. Claire Price (facebook)

“Everyone has their right to choose how they live their own lives; however who has the right to judge how others live theirs? It is like people who do not vote… can they therefore have an opinion on how the country is run? Working mums and working dads add value to the economy and the ethics of their children. I can say that as I am both a parent and I work”. Adam Brooks (Via Text) @applyingyou/

“So she thinks we’re selfish. Well, I think women who have such generalised opinions and are going to tell them whether we want to hear it or now, AND before they have considered the facts, are a disgrace to the fairer sex… I have shared my child caring responsibilities and I do not feel ashamed I know they are proud of me. As a good parent you do whatever seams best for you and your family and, as women I think we beat ourselves up pretty regularly with associated feelings of guilt. We don’t need another of our own kind doing it for us… I have several friends who are stay at home mums and I know they work really hard and this works well for their own family unit… shame on her, and her uneducated comments – E Pankhurst would be spinning in her grave!” Liz Buckley (Via Facebook)

“I work full time, have 2 girls, wish I was part time. The comment is OK. Horses for courses!” @Karenlouise7 (Via Twitter)

That’s really unfair of her to judge. Seams the opinionated woman is actually jealous and feels the? There’s enough oppression for women, we should be sticking together @Angeline1611 (Via Twitter)

“I do work full time… I even went back before the end of my maternity leave cos I couldn’t afford to stay at home! I have to admit that I did think like that woman when I was younger and had my daughter! But needs must… I love my kids but I love my job too!” Helen Ray (Facebook)

“Wow & Wow! As a full time mum of 2 it’s easy to be made to feel guilty! But just need to look at my kids” @MissWellies (Via Twitter)

“I think she is the one losing out ultimately, kids need role models…” Jola Miziniak (Via Facebook)

“I don’t see how anyone can judge either way. Our choices are our choices… I judge no parent who stays at home with their children… and have massive respect to those who juggle home and work… those who throw stones, do so to hide their own hands (thanks Mr MJ for that)” Johanna Ballard (Via Facebook)

“… Both sides have their merits. These days we have a choice. Twas not ever thus @EldritchProps (via Twitter)

I have no kids so this is from a purely theoretical standpoint… what a scary thing for someone to say in casual conversation; it’s a big one! Like walking into a waiting room and slagging off religion, or party politics – you just don’t know who you are talking to!… There is no right or wrong to this although there is also the interplay of class and money inherent in that. Would she think that a single mother who worked was selfish too? Or would she berate someone for living off benefits?… presumably – she doesn’t think that fathers that work are selfish – thus suggesting that it’s entirely the woman’s role to raise children… From what I have heard raising children is the most difficult thing you can do whether or not you work on top of that. Anything else you do is up to you… it’s the judgements that don’t help!” Jess Sweetman (Via WordPress)

“Really enjoyed the article… I’m not a mom yet myself, but my mum did work and raise me mostly on her own, so I bristled a bit… everyone is entitled to their opinion however misguided it may be!” Cemanthe, Tympano (Via WordPress)

“Risking a comment as a man but there is no definitive right or wrong… can you be a good working mum (or dad) and work? Yes. But that doesn’t mean that you will be… If financially viable for one parent not to work then I would say that’s probably the ideal…” Richard Hawkins (Via Facebook)

“Those of us with children who work should not be made to feel guilty about our choice or as inadequate as mums”. @SparkandFuse (Via Twitter)

“Yes you still can be a great mum, just spend less stressful time together and more quality time… you target that in the (business) plan to give you and your family what you all want out of it” Peter Dickens (Via Facebook)

“Virtually speechless and if you read my blog that’s not me at all” @AutusmMumma (Via Twitter)

“… Everybody is different, I however would love to be at home everyday baking and watching Jeremy Kyle… but I also believe that I had my children and it is my responsibility to provide for them and by going back to work and renewing my qualifications whilst being a bloody fabulous mum (if I do say so myself) is setting the best example for my children… my children know that the little treats in life have to be worked for and I in turn reward my girls for the ‘jobs’ they do…” Rebecca Dunkley

“… What works for one certainly does not work for all”. Beth Goldsworthy (Facebook)

“A very poignant post. I also have children. Mine are a little older (14 and 11) I have tried to give them stability and they seem to be growing up well. It’s all fun”. CareerInAccounts (Via WordPress)

“Sorry girls but men don’t actually lactate. It’s partly a biology issue deal with it!” Chris Chesney (Via Facebook)

“I would have held her down for you lol x well said” Tracey Devine (via wordpress)

“The only guilt you should ever feel is not sticking up for your decisions and life choices. Our choices are right for us, and I myself am blinkin proud of my achievements, and those of my children. It is sad that some people are so small minded and old fashioned, however, let them feel the guilt themselves… I sure as hell ain’t gonna feel it for ‘em” Johanna Ballard; Kudos Hairdressing (Via WordPress, can be found on Twitter and Facebook)

“I am infuriated – what about us single mums? I am proud that I work” Carol Bradshaw (via Twitter; @bigjigscarol)

“We will never have equality til people start asking the same questions re fathers. I HATE that in 2012 parenting guilt is still only coming our way” Judy Astley (Via Facebook)

I can count on one hand the mums I know that don’t work at all – a rare thing nowadays”. Karena Jones (Via Facebook)

“Just angers me that people think they can comment and judge others. We are all parents and we must what is best for them”. @SueRichards78 (Via Twitter)

“Love these comments, it’s all about choice, us women are far more educated, enlightened and savvy in our era and we have loads to offer the growth and future of this country. To demonstrate our children a strong work ethic, confidence, living by your own light are some of the greatest gifts we can give our children, of course with a loving and stable home, I was raised by my dad a successful wonderful man who continues to be my inspiration every day, great blog Amanda, BE PROUD” Liz Allister (@utopiaresourcin, via Facebook)

“Just read your blog post… shocked at this woman’s comments to you! Totally agree with you… great blog btw … Made me chuckle out load about the ‘removin’ your shoe’ part! Haha!” @AspireHair (Via Twitter)

“… I heard on Daybreak last week that women cannot be good mothers and work full time. It made me question my ability as an employee, a wife and a mother. I need to work for money and my own sanity and I don’t think others should pass judgement…”. Sharon Head (Facebook)

“Just read your blog… Shocked at this woman’s comments to u! Totally agree… great blog BTW… made me chuckle about the r

“What a weird thing to say to a stranger! It takes all kinds to make the world go round, and what’s right for one family may be wrong for another”. Becoming Cliché (Via WordPress)

“I completely agree with you. My older children were brought up with me working and have really good work ethics and are not worse off for it. I am now a SAHM with the baby and toddler… we cannot afford the childcare. I’m setting up as a childminder… I’m going to miss the adult contact”. Chelseamamma (Via WordPress)

“… I can honestly say I feel fortunate for be able to have stayed at home with my kids and I am dreading going back to work next year… I think it depends on who you are and what job you do… you are very luck, as a teacher I will not be able to walk them to school… or generally take any part in their school lives at all. Yes I will have the school holidays with them but unable to afford to go on holiday! … We should never judge… people do what they think is best; that’s called being a parent” Rhonwen Humphries (via WordPress)

“I don’t have kids – my choice and there is a lot I miss out on. However, I respect any woman’s right to choose the life that works best for her and her family. Some people simply have their choices taken away (luck or planning??). Smugness on either side is bloody annoying… I know parents who work whose kids are a ‘mare and also know stay at home mums with little darlings I would cheerfully shoot! The best way is the way that works best for you…rant over”. Julie Pittila (Via Facebook)

“It’s our human right to make our own choices… it doesn’t matter if you work or not you can be a good or bad parent. I think that woman probably has a husband that earns so much her life choice was easy” Sarah Lee (Via Facebook)

“Sad this debate rumbles on… those with a child who wakes through the night may struggle to function at work… parents may earn close to, or even less than the cost of childcare”. Brigid Lawlor (Via Facebook)

“…Its about being organised and having a great sense of humour. I have always worked… my main job is mummy duck and it balances great with the company” Liz Allister (Via Facebook)


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