Primula, Louis Prima, and Applying You

I introduce people to people; that’s what recruitment is so its an obvious statement to make. What some of you may not know I also facilitate relationships between businesses and put the right people and organisations together. I know lots of businesses that could and should be working together and my interview blogs are proving very useful for many people from all walks of industry. Give me a call to find out how I can help you and your business.

I am working with a business coach currently; as a business owner the hardest thing is to take time away from doing your job to look at your business. Committing to the investment of working with Adam has meant I have invested in my business and that feels good – I am sure that some of the changes have been noted by many of you!

 Ladies and gentlemen… I introduce Adam Brooks! Take a look at his blog; it’s a great read, informative, funny, thought-provoking and occasionally controversial. He can be reached on 07730 042672. He works with all types and sizes of businesses, and individuals from all walks of life; he offers a bold, honest approach he describes himself as an ‘unreasonable friend’ and I can’t think of a better description of what he does

Exactly what it is you do? I get results. Results through people. I take people to where they want to be, then support, facilitate and coach them to get there. It takes courage and graft for people to follow their dreams…to succeed they all need an ‘unreasonable friend’ who walks shoulder to shoulder with them

Why do you do what you do? Because I am like a curious little 5-year-old boy pulling on mums skirt saying “yeh but why, why mum?” I have always challenged the norm and I am so proud to be abnormal. Helping others think and act differently is fun. Simple.

Who are your customers? People, businesses and business owners who want to change. Needing to change isn’t enough. Good enough, isn’t. I work with clients who are ready, who want to take themselves and their business to the next level…and the next level after that (repeat).

Greatest achievement? So far, my two children who remind me to get out of bed every day.

Biggest failure? I fail daily, as I grow older I de-sensitise myself to it and to be fair I just see it as a step closer towards success. As they say in ‘Go for no’ fail more, fail faster, you can’t know success till you have known failure. Years ago I failed a Police application and was given feedback I was too shy…in hindsight, other than my children, not joining the police has been my biggest success story.

Tell us your plan? I want to dramatically improve the education system, globally.

How big is your big picture That not big enough for you…OK…the universe!?

Where do you get your inspiration Books I read, people I meet and action I take.

Where do you get your motivation People….they fascinate me. So much potential left sleeping…its like being in the film ‘The Awakenings’ in my line of work.

Who do you admire People who get shit done. We can theorise all day, we can procrastinate all day or we can get shit done. Entrepreneurs (true entrepreneurs) who create wealth, employment, opportunities and provide a route to give back, creating real change. Making their money work for them and providing better lives for others. We all need a step up at times. 

What makes your toes curl Mash potato…white mud….food of the devil!

What makes your heart soar Those that know me, know the answer is Primula. Those that don’t, the feeling I get when I see the lights go on with people and they start to take off…every now and again looking back as if to say…thanks. Beats any paycheque.

 What did you want to be when you grew up? A policeman…I was asked by a senior officer on an application what I wanted to do in the police, and I said “to investigate all aspects of policing, including the Police themselves….” He responded with “anything else?”…thinking my true answer was a little controversial I decided to play safe and plumped for ‘Dog Handler’

What do you want to be when you grow up? A dad that my children can be proud of, who they know they can approach and a dad who can still cut some wicked shapes on the dance floor.

How you going to change the world? One person at a time…think who they know!

 Who is your hero? Louis Prima ‘The king of the swing’ singer, musician, trumpeter and trendsetter in music when music was stifled. He turned up and just made it happen…pure genius.

 Favourite driving music I love music I can lose myself to in the car – the rhythm has to be there but the lyrics have to grab me and make me laugh, think or shut up!

 Favourite comfort food Not just comfort food…Asian Food for breakfast dinner or tea…I would walk barefoot across 5 miles of broken glass for a raging Kahari Curry


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