Using a Recruiter?

It’s 930am Monday morning, its raining and the journey to work was more horrific than usual. You are on coffee number 3 and are wading through the emails deciding which ones you can delete without opening. A tap on the door “Have you got 2 minutes?”. You look up from your computer screen and see one of your members of staff looking slightly sheepish at the door, holding an envelope. Your first thought? “oh shit!!!! Not today!!!”, followed by “what do I do?”, “how do I deal with this?”, “How am I going to get my work (and theirs) done  now?”. This represents a difficult time for any hirer chiefly because you don’t do this often, you feel out of your depth, you do not have the information, you don’t have the experience, and you certainly don’t have the time.

I am a recruiter. Therefore I am biased into encouraging companies to choose to recruit via a recruiter. Why? Well its what I do for a living for a start, and because I have the information, the experience, the contacts and the time. I have been in recruitment for over 14 years and I know people. Its not about clients and companies, placements and candidates – it is about PEOPLE. I am not going to write in the same way as other recruiters I have read about and known; Im not going to tell you that I have seen it all and experienced everything because I know I haven’t – it’s the biggest threat for every recruiter to think that they know everything about people but I do have a great deal of experience to draw on.

I make this suggestion to any employer considering a recruiter… add another consideration to your buying criteria. Do you want this recruitment company to represent your business? To my mind its one of the fundamental questions employers should ask and so many don’t. Do you know the story that the potential candidates will be told about you and your business? Do you know who will be speaking to potential candidates about your business? ( it is not always the same person that you speak to). In a sense the employer has to recruit the recruiter; I feel passionately about what I do; I take time to get to know the business, the people within in the business and the dynamics of the organisation. Therefore it shocks me when candidates comment on the passion I have when I talk about my vacancies, “maybe you should apply” is quite popular. You know what as in my mind I already have and I have got the job!!

For an employer choosing a recruiter is easy, “Who is the cheapest?” Please think about it… Recruiters are selling for you, therefore we are working with you and on your behalf which means that you should not merely be looking at the cost. If your recruiter is not doing that then its time to find a new recruiter – after all if you needed solicitor you would not want to go with the cheapest; you are paying for their skill and experience.

Also well worth thinking about is that for me this is certainly a 2 way street; the employer needs to sell themselves and their business model to me. I am passionate about what I do and in the words of Paddy McGuinness “No Likey, No Lighty”. If I don’t like what I hear then I do not take on the vacancy; and you know what I am proud of that. I stand by my ethics and my principles; its all about the people and that is always at the front of my mind.

So give me a call and find out how we can work together: I work with all types of businesses on bespoke projects and really excel when working with boards to create the best possible sales and marketing teams. I work with individuals from all disciplines and at all levels who want to create their own career ladder; your career is your responsibility, my responsibility  is to make sure that you are talking to the right people at the right time.



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