Stretching, Pornography and The Business Growth Show

On Friday I went to The Business Growth Show in Cheltenham. Regular readers will know I love to do my show round ups, this is a little different; Enjoy x

The night before a trade show always the same routine, bath and relax while mentally going through my handbag to make sure I have everything – pens (at least 3 just in case), business cards, make up, tic-tac’s. My presenter is ready, my dresses are pressed (will decide in the morning when I see what the weathers like) and laid out on the spare bed, the red shoes are ready and waiting to be worn, my jewellery is on the dressing table and my make-up is laid out in a nice neat line…

I don’t care what you call it thank you! I just call it being organised… Now if I were to go on to explain that dinner is all prepared for tomorrow night, my son’s lunchbox is done, and I have vacuumed the whole house… it may be considered a little odd. So I won’t tell you that.

So what’s with all the over planning?

I am apprehensive! Really, I am! I have been going to trade shows at least 3 times a year for the whole of my career but this is not a trade show it is a networking event and it’s going to be different… I won’t know people! That’s the fun bit about trade shows; seeing the people that have only been a voice on the phone for months – my work friends, my supporters… my comfort zone!!

Here we go then, this is me preparing for the networking show; its 9.34pm on Thursday evening, I am typing this and thinking; what kinds of people go to these things? Will it be full of business dinosaurs who talk a good game with no substance? Can I get out of this? Will I get any decent new contacts? However; I am really excited too, it’s a brilliant feeling when you stretch out of your comfort zone. I will write the next part of this blog tomorrow when I get home…

Well, well, well what an interesting, informative and fun day I have had. I would recommend this type of event to anyone it was great fun. It was very different to anything I have done before. Met tonnes of great people, saw some fantastic businesses and felt a real buzz of positivity – that was the most important part for me. Looking back to my questions of last night… The businesses came from all aspects of industry and the people came from all walks of life – the positivity in the room was amazing. As Mark Linton, MD of the Business Growth Show ( said during his speech stop reading the papers and listening to the negativity; he is absolutely right. Good news does not attract the attention that bad news does (so doesn’t sell papers) if it’s read it is believed – it becomes reality, and a frame of reference… its bloody hard pulling out of a negative spiral, so best not to go there at all (free advice from a recruiter – wow).

Warren Cass of Business Scene Limited ( did a really interesting session on Social Media… just when you think you may have got the hang of it you realise there is so much more to learn. However, linking it to the porn industry certainly kept everyone very much in the room! It did cause a bit of a stir when I got home… don’t think my husband was expecting me to come home and say I had learned all about porn, so thanks Warren for giving me the opportunity to stun my husband into silence on a Friday evening.

Today I have learned lots about different industries and sectors and I have shown that I am a recruiter that works with you and with your business for the long haul. I have worked with some people for nearly 15 years and the junior people I was placing at the start of my career are the Sales Directors and Managing Directors I am working with now. I care (have a look at about what I do and who I do it with, I have a passion for people; matching the right people to the right companies (and vice versa) is something I do very well. Don’t take my word for it… put me to the test, I love working on the difficult projects other recruiters run away from!!

Congratulations need to go to Neil and Tracey for putting on a great event. Everybody I spoke to was extremely positive, saying it was really well organised and ran like clockwork. I can’t make a judgement as this was my first one but I am lead to believe this is not the norm at such events!! Honestly, I feel like I am accepting an award but if I don’t mention Adam and Tina at Sales Academy 2012 ( I will be crucified. Thank you both for encouraging me to come to the event it was well worth investing the time – this does not mean lunch is on me again though guys!! I firmly believe that businesses who invest in their staff retain their staff and I would certainly recommend working with them.

So, did I get decent new contacts? Hell yes. Was it full of dinosaurs? Hell no. Could I have got out of it? Of course I could have done, but I am really glad I didn’t!

Please feel free to have a good snoop around my blog and whatever your recruitment need, whether you want a new job or to develop your business call me… I would love to work with you x


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