That wont work here!

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“Yeh…that won’t work in my business!”

I await the day to be proven correct by this statement…believe me. I hear it all the time.

You see…I have no interest in just turning up and carrying out a training course in your business, taking a big cheque and running off to the hills with an “I’ve done my bit, over to you Mr business Owner” attitude. I have my brand to protect.

This is, for one clear and simple reason…and that is ‘training’ per se does not work. That’s right, I just publicly said (as a seasoned trainer, that training doesn’t work…per se).

The Latin meaning for per se is ‘In Itself’ and that’s the point. When I take on a client, I need to understand the birth of the business, the dream, the idea. Then we invest time looking at the here and now.

What did you get…

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