The Shoe is on the Other Foot

Well this is an exciting day in the world of Birchwood… I have been attending exhibitions for the last 15 years and tomorrow I will be at The Business Growth Show taking place at Futures Inn, Bond Street from 9am; please register for free here:


The difference this time is that I am exhibiting, and I can’t bloody wait!! I have all the usual things that you need as exhibitors;  However, I can confirm I will not be opting for flat shoes though so panic not!! I will be there with Sales Academy 2012 who offer bespoke training for your sales people no matter the size and style of your business. Sales Academy believes that every business is unique and that the best sales training is that which is put together with YOUR business in mind not A business in mind.

We wanted to attract people to our stand and we wanted to be a little unique… surely it can’t be just about sweets (although we will have those too). Cue Vicki Elmer of Bandai (one of Birchwood’s clients) to the rescue!! To show their support and belief in what we do Bandai have chosen to sponsor our stand in a really exciting way… We have a Badge It and we will not be afraid to use it!!!

As Mary Poppins said… “the only reason you don’t enjoy it, is because you haven’t found a way to make it fun yet” And she snaps her fingers and the song we all know kicks in… (I bet she had some sexy red shoes hidden away in that Carpet bag of hers).


Business is about fun…great businesses and great business people know that business shouldn’t be taxing….people don’t want to buy from you when you are looking stressed, believing the hype or running around like a headless chicken….show them that being in business is fun, selling is fun, making money and the world turn is fun…People will buy!

At Sales Academy 2012 we believe, this year is the birth of the ‘Professional Sales Person’


So come along to our stand at the Business Growth Show and make your own Badge. Pictured is the new Album from the legend that is Kylie Minogue with her Badge It badges…  and hey you know what, if its good enough for Kylie…!!!



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