Money Hungry Whores!!

I put a new status on Facebook at 9.30 this evening (16th June 2012) I am now 3/4 of the way through several blogs and all of them are like war and peace and doing my head in… what one thing would you like a recruiter to tell you?

A comment soon popped in… you could tell us the truth “ but it was a general point that most recruitment agency staff are happy to spin you a line, whether it is about non-existent jobs, rates, or anything else”

OK so here we go… I am not going to think about this and reread it a hundred times, its 10pm on a Saturday night. I am going to be honest, this is my own opinion only and if I refill my glass then I will have to abdicate responsibility for whatever comes next!

Most recruiters will spin you a line? Come on, most will lie through their teeth and pretend to be your best friend and laugh at your madness all the way to the bank!!

People say to me recruiters never call back… We only call back when we have something to say. If our clients don’t come back to us we can’t come back to you – (we are piggy in the middle of the whole process and believe me we recruiters absorb more than we give out) if we spent all our time calling people to say we had nothing to say we would never get anything else done. But I also agree that recruiters are famous for over promising and under delivering which is why candidates see us as at best as a necessary evil and at worst a money hungry whore. While clients view as at best worse than estate agents and at worst a money hungry whore (there is a pattern forming here).

Lots of recruiters post fake jobs, it’s a great (if underhand) way of generating candidates – you know what it would be nice to have the time to post fake stuff!! The biggest issue that I have with this is that we all get tarred with the same brush so to my candidates when I say a job has been pulled it really has been it did exist and I am likely pissed off that I have wasted my money advertising a role that has been revoked!!

Recruiters have to take the blame for something’s you know otherwise no one would ever change companies I have had plenty of examples of clients changing the salary band, telling candidates in interview and then blaming me… recruiters are easy to blame, mainly because of our reputations. You know what people lie and people change their minds on things and being in the middle means that we expose ourselves daily.

Now I feel like I am defending recruiters and I am really not… I don’t really like recruiters very much, the ones that deserve their reputation that is. I am not saying I am perfect, I am not saying I have never avoided a call, never told a lie, and never stretched the truth to make a fit happen. .. I am human after all!!!! However, I am no longer driving on someone else’s road, I am a business owner who cares about everyone in the recruitment process (not just the client and the candidates but the whole organisation), I care enough to point you in the right direction if I am not it.

I am working on something very exciting at the moment and I can’t wait to tell you all about it… unlucky, I didn’t refill the glass!!! Tell you soon x

Its 1030pm now and this is done. I will pop it on WordPress and then rest my little fingers, I would love to hear your thoughts on this as I have never done a blog this way before!!!


5 thoughts on “Money Hungry Whores!!

  1. Oooh…Come on recruiters who are lurking in the dark…this is very honest and insightful look at recruiters…I can see why you would want to be different Amanda.

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