Part 2… Money Hungry Whores!

There are many reasons why I am seen by some as undiplomatic… I am honest, it saves everyone time. We know  recruiters are selective with the truth and selfish hence the label Money Hungry Whores.

I love recruiting. Love the process, the matching, the helping people, the fact that every vacancy is different. I am also deeply in love with my niche market sector… For those that don’t know I recruit within the Toy Sector and have been doing so for the last 14 years. Working in a small niche market is a double-edged sword; you get to know the people, but people get to know you too. I am not the only recruiter in the toy trade and I am normally glad that the sector has a choice but really? Think people, what you are telling to whom.

Important information about your career and/or you company is needed to find the best solution for your problem but everyone needs to be mindful that this information from you is gossip for some, and a way to ‘get in’ with clients.  Recently  I have received several complaints from candidates and clients about recruiters not being able to keep their bloody mouths shut about confidential information… and today I have had enough of it!!

The tales I am being told are appalling and those involved should be  ashamed of themselves – I am giving no specifics as this would make me no better than them, suffice to say that if I ever behave in the same manner I will shut the doors on Birchwood.

This is why employers fight against using recruiters… and who can blame them. Using information you have been trusted with in order to show off that you know people is poor practice – you can ruin a business or a range if you talk about things at the wrong time. Frankly it makes no difference which market you are in. A recruiter is put in a position of trust and we recruiters are in a very privileged position; please stop abusing this trust – or I will start naming and shaming on behalf of my clients and candidates and believe me THAT won’t be pretty!!!

Clients Bite Back!! This is the interesting (and fun) part, clients are testing you Mr and Mrs ‘Money Hungry Whore’ recruiter  – people are deliberately telling recruiters snippets of  ‘duff’  information so that they know who is spreading what around and its starting to get interesting out there, so if you are a recruiter in the Toy or associated sector and its suddenly becoming very quiet in your world you now know why!!!

So recruiters of the toy sector and indeed the whole world take a few minutes out of you KPI packed day think about this:

Clients put their trust in us. We ask lots of questions. We demand lots of information. We share that information with our candidates

So, if your candidate is a trade gossip then be selective about what you tell them. When a client instructs you ask the obvious – Can I mention this to candidates? Can I talk about all aspects of this job spec? How confidential is this assignment? You know what I thought all of this was both obvious and basic… oh dear, oh dear, now I see why I am seen as niave at times!!! Other recruiters… shame on you!!!!!!


One thought on “Part 2… Money Hungry Whores!

  1. And THAT is why people ‘choose’ to have you represent them. You see, environment breeds behaviour, behaviour breeds behaviour, integrity breeds integrity.

    Akin to Jerry McGuire, when you stand up and be counted and you ‘take the goldfish’ sometimes people fear change so wont follow you immediately, those that have experienced the calbire of what you offer move with you.

    Like you, those that ‘care’ get it
    Like you, those that ‘understand’ get it

    For the rest…there is always a money hungry whore who will be prepared to be treated poorly because they ask for it…

    Be proud to be abnormal, its awesome!

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