I love…

I have talked about the C word on my blog (http://wp.me/p1PIh3-2J); openly and freely, and with no shame, or guilt. I am going to talk about is again, along with a word I am much less comfortable with… the R word!        I am a Caring Recruiter

I know more than most how little those 2 words can mean when put together. I was asked recently by a graduate about my job, business and the industry so I told him. It struck me that I talk a lot on here about the dark side, the bad experiences candidates and clients have shared with me over my time in the industry, so I am taking the opportunity to redress the balance by showing:

I Love – Selling in 2 different ways to 2 different types of people everyday

I Love – Helping people

I Love – Being a linchpin

I Love – Finding the candidate no one else can

I Love – Being invited inside a business

I Love – Making a difference to lives

I Love – Working with businesses to grow and develop

I Love – Working with amazing people

I Love – Having a whole second family

I Love – Holding someone’s hand as they walk down their own path

I have described myself as ‘A Willow’ recently as I feel that best describes what I do. Essentially I hold the hand of the candidates and the hand of the clients during the whole recruitment process, probation period and beyond, I am strong and grounded while those around me rise to the challenges set. Average number of candidates interviewed for a job? 4.  Usual number of decision makers/influencers in a business? 2 = 6 people per job, and thankfully I work on more than one. That is a lot of hands, and I love it (show me someone who is a bit of a control freak who wouldn’t). By the time we reach offer stage we are normally down to 2 hands to hold but I have to hold on tight all the tighter. I bend and flex in the breeze (sometimes gale force) that can carry nerves and fear (from both parties); Head Office changes, counteroffers, other job offers, nervous spouses, and a whole host of things that can happen prior to someone starting a new job.

It’s easy to focus on the negative, and you know what? I was really good at it. I would go so far as to say ‘an expert’.  Ask anyone I used to work with and I believe they would describe me as scared, negative, massively resistant to change, precious, set in her ways, guarded, and a bit lazy… I am sure I will get some confirmations! I used to blame where I was, but it would not have mattered where I was it was who I was… I fell into a loop, my passion became a job. A job I didn’t like, a job for the money hungry whore who got so caught up in the numbers and the process everything else came second. I value my previous experience massively and enjoyed lots of the time I spent with other recruiters, I still keep in touch with a couple from my past but I am pretty selective. The difference now is I have a ‘family’ I have chosen; rather than one that has been thrust upon me. I work with whom I want in a way that suits individual client needs whilst supporting my candidates fully in their choices. I know some fantastic recruiters all across the country and I am delighted to recommend others to those candidates and candidates I am not best placed to help, rather than dumping candidates I can’t place and ignoring/hiding from roles I cannot fill.

Having been in recruitment for many years I forgot a lot of this. This is what I signed up for, this is why I love what I do, and it’s my positivity, my commitment to those I choose to work with, along with my passion and gift for matching people together that I fell in love with not all the stuff I rant about. Why do I rant about it? Because it used to be me (think I hid it better than some).  I cannot change the bad recruiters all I can do is be the best that I can be, and ensure that my clients and candidates continue to support my way of working… and if you are in recruitment and you want to find a better way feel free to make contact!

Learning to view the world in a different way is not easy, and changing your vision is challenging; I cannot recommend it enough it has changed my life. I would not recommend doing it alone though. Having a coach has been the making of the ‘new me’. Find out more about how my business coach works and see how you can move forward with www.applyingyou.com, my unreasonable friend who has my back!!

Thank you for supporting my blog, as a sales person I am a little needy, would love any feedback on this or indeed any of the other articles I have written, and if you have something you would like me to talk about then let me know!!


3 thoughts on “I love…

  1. So great to hear a recruiter talk passionately and confidently about Sales and selling, not trying to hide away behind many titles that disguise what you do. A far better way is as you have chosen, be proud of what you do and as you say ‘be the best you can be’ we all like to ‘buy’ its the poor experience of being sold to by ‘order takers’ that give us professional sales people a name that is unjust. “it is only be developing others that we permanently succeed” Keep up the great blogging and keeping it very real.

  2. There’s always a positive within your blogs ~ you really seem to love what you do and that makes a great inspirational read!

  3. Reblogged this on applyingyou and commented:
    OK…so when a client ‘gets it’ and I mean truly ‘gets it’ they begin to shine. My role as a coach is a very privileged position, one I take very seriously. I choose clients based on my belief in them and their ethics. When the fruits begin to bare and it takes toil for the fruits to appear, it is the most amazing thing. People see, hear and feel the business and the people within the business shift. Then the knock on effect to clients, customers and peers. Only leaves me one thing left to say Mand, “You get it” now onto the next stage. Stay brilliant.

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