I’d like a hug…and make it a big one, please…

Take 2 minutes and have a read your time will be well spent x

~ ~ Confessions of a Dizzy Blonde ~ ~

Have you ever had that feeling of exhaustion mixed with a bit of fear, or hopelessness, or sadness…or whatever, but the final product of the cocktail is that you would like a hug? A little bit of support. Some love. Not because you need it – you know everything passes, but because it would help you. Your fire is burning low, so to get someone to add a spark would be nice, more than nice. Even if your fire is burning the brightest it’s ever been, another spark will only add to it and make it even brighter.

Personally I suck at asking for loving support. What’s even worse: I suck at accepting it, if it’s offered. I shrug it off, I reject it, I cringe, I run from it…I do anything but embrace it. Because when I do I feel really stupid. I feel vulnerable, as if I’ve given…

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