I don’t want to bang another stranger!

Don’t go banging strangers… people will think you are a slag!!!
Brilliantly written as usual from the Sales Academy

People - Performance - Profitability

So here it is…the hard truth. For those easily offended turn away.

If you are in business then every day you are in Sales.

Business is quite simple, or rather it should be. Now please do not be confused with ‘easy’ I am not saying ‘easy’ because all good things take little effort, or they are not worth doing; surely?

But it should be simple.

When it comes to sales in your business lets look at ‘You are always in sales’ a little deeper and in a simple way.


Sales has a life-cycle in your business and most people in business either don’t know this (pass me the horse tranquiliser now please!) or they choose to ignore it (taser please!) The relationships between your buyer and your brand, your prospect and your marketing, your customer and your sales person, your retained business and your operations team (account management, finance…

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