50 Shades of Red

Been working with Jo, owner of Kudos for a while now and I think its fair to say that it has been an interesting few months for the both of us – so transformation time is here! Jo had hers a few weeks ago (didn’t really need me about for that) and I am sure that you will agree with me that she looks fab!



So its my turn (it is all about me). Women and hairdressers; it’s a funny combination – my mum likens going to the hairdresser with going to the dentist and I know she is not alone. This blog is designed to walk you through a major change to allow you to see what is involved, along with seeing the Birchwood effect!!

Its 10am and I am blond! Well, not quite. Apparently I am ‘rockin the hombre’ which is apparently a much cooler way of saying that I should be in the rock band Europe with roots like this. Jo is as excited as I am as hairdressers don’t often get free rein. We discussed hard and soft limits (in true 50 shades of grey style) which as you can imagine caused much hilarity and a little giggling. We have gone for a slightly different shape and a very different colour… 50 Shades of Red!!!

With the colour in and cooking nicely (I love the smell of ammonia in the mornings) I am all curled up in a big comfy chair and its time to reflect. I love coming here to be pampered, to experience, to share ideas. Environments that are entirely female can be challenging; Kudos is different. Kudos is fun, vibrant, dynamic and happy and devoid of bitchy atmosphere. The attitude comes from both the top down and the bottom up; the passion and commitment from ALL staff is tangible and inspiring. I have spoken with the staff individually and they all love what they do and they all appreciate the opportunity they have at Kudos. Other vital things include the coffee that is both fantastic and on tap and the biscuits are bloody ace (never change your supplier Mrs B). For those that havent heard of Kudos and Jo Ballard (OMG!! Where have you been?) have a look at the article I did earlier on this year http://wp.me/p1PIh3-3y All About the Kudos.  Also, have a look at her bloody brilliant blogs; http://thehairstylistsjournal.blogspot.co.uk/ http://kudoshairdressingltd.blogspot.co.uk/ they are honestly written using humour and she is happy to talk about any subject no matter how controversial… Cant imagine where she may have got that idea from!!!

Anyway back to me!! Back to the sink and we are rinsing, washing, rinsing, washing, oh and washing again – thank the lord for black sinks or it would look like a blood bath – Jo looks like she has been in a 70’s horror movie and I am feeling a little nervous, for soon it will be done… cut dried straightened and we are ready for the big reveal…

In amongst all of this we talked work too! Trade shows, marketing campaigns, career ladders, Christmas opening… plans for world domination, you know the usual things! You know what when you get 2 people together who feel as passionately as we do about what we do then sparks fly (watch this space).

Its 2.15pm and it’s brilliant, I love it!! I do not put my trust in just anyone when it comes to hair or business and I trust Jo with both! Jo tells me that in her experience she has never worked with such good colour as Joico and she is thrilled with the results it gives. All I know is that my hair feels ace and I love it xx


2 thoughts on “50 Shades of Red

  1. Well the rock chick is certainly back!! I am transported back to the early years of developing Peddleman together…the world needs it, what was shop we went to for supplies!

    I feel I have met the team at Kudos from reading your blogs and totally get the ‘salon v dentist’ thing…you should try the barbers for zero atmosphere! Having your haircut shouldn’t be an embarrassing bodies experince guys…Jo, do you plan to open a ‘male’ version anytime soon?

    I get asked about coaching clients and the benefits…I guess they are very much like the results Jo at Kudos gets in the form of a ‘total transformation’

    I wonder when the name ‘Kudos’ first came about, did it ever imagine it would receive such Kudos…I am looking forward to watching this space. A friend of mine travels to Brisbane, Australia from the US for his dentist…ladies, its time to travel to a real hair and beauty experience.

    • That was where our business building started… ‘Why walk when u can peddle man’. I can’t imagine why we didn’t make millions! (And the shop was gibsons)
      Jo does cut men’s hair too (and very well) she can even do those funky patterns if u fancy getting down with the kids! She also has clients that come from far and wide.
      Seeing the growth (see what I did there) in this business is truly awesome x

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