New Shoes On the Block!!

I am not sure how exactly I spell a drum roll so without further ado I have great pleasure in introducing the new member of the Birchwood team/the new shoes on the block/ my Little Miss Admin!! You know what; I am not sure what Caroline’s job title should be so any polite ideas would be gratefully received.

Hello everyone! My name is Caroline Rickards and I am the new administrator at Birchwood Recruitment working with Amanda. I have been working with Amanda for 2 months and as you can imagine the recruitment process was very stringent… however given that I am shorter than her and we have the same colour hair it was bound to be a match made in heaven. I have worked in banking and retail and this is my first experience of the recruitment industry…

I have recently been uploading candidates CV’s onto our new computer system and, it has been an eye-opening experience to say the least. I thought all CV’s would be pretty much the same… I have made some really interesting observations that I would like to share with you.

  • When you are meeting someone you are potentially going to be working with it needs to be someone you click with, someone who “just gets it.” Whether this is based on work ethics or personality, it is easier to work with someone who you get on with.  This ensures a relationship where you can both be honest and no ideas are discounted.  Amanda and I have this one covered both work and personality wise – we are both geeks, like the same films, books, freaky looking men and also our sons get on really well.  We often turn up to the office having made the same “To Do List” the previous evening which can be just spooky!!!
  • Both parties need to have trust. Someone you give up some control to – even though it can be hard letting go.  Amanda and I have worked at this slowly.  She is still in full control of the information about all the candidates and clients (and let me tell you, the amount of information she can recall about an individual is staggering) but I am the one who processes this information. Amanda and I have to have trust in each other.  She trusts me to work on my own initiative but within our respected boundaries and I trust that she will let me in to help her!!  This has provided me with a sense of responsibility for the work that I produce for Amanda – I suspect she was secretly aiming for this without me knowing!!
  • Someone who shares your ambitions and the passion for work – Whilst I am new to the Toy Industry and somewhat on the fringes, I appreciate Amanda’s contagious passion for all things play-related!  Amanda has made it clear how she wants her business to move forward and I fully understand how my role fits into her plan.  Again, Amanda has trusted me enough to share this information with me and I feel a sense of responsibility to help Amanda reach her goals and to fulfil the ambition for my own role.
  • Employers who are looking for someone like me are seeking a person who can input into and create processes that make a difference. Amanda and I share working ideas all the time.  Some are minor and inconsequential, but others make a real difference.  I recently changed a process on one of the days where Amanda was out of the office visiting clients.  When Amanda came into the office the next day, I could show her the full benefit, Amanda didn’t question why I had changed this, just accepted my new idea which fitted with the way we worked and what we wanted to achieve in a much more streamlined way.

An important dynamic needs to occur between employers and their potential candidates.  Candidates, this is what you are aiming for – to be the person that clicks, is trustworthy, shares ambition, can add input and accept a responsibility to the Employers business.  When in an interview you should also be convinced by your potential employer that this is what you’ll be able to do within their company.

Employers; there are many ways that you can help make your working life easier including being prepared to relinquish some control –let someone in– sometimes fresh eyes are better even though this feels harder to accept at times.  Also, ensuring your vision for growth in the future is clear and will empower individuals to perform – give them a sense of responsibility to your ideas and lastly, also encouraging input – great ideas come from those doing as well as those thinking!

I look forward to working with Amanda in the future and hopefully talking to and meeting some of you.  In the meantime, if you have any updates to your CV’s, please forward a Word copy to Amanda and once she has memorised everything, I will add the updates to our sparkly computer system, and if you are looking to expand your team you know who to call!!


I will get her in heels… I will, I will!!

Amanda x


4 thoughts on “New Shoes On the Block!!

  1. Doo doo du du dooh…Hanging Tough (in my head now all day!) Great insight into how getting the right team on board and showing them how the baby looks now, how you want to look and giving trust, authority and motivation to help you take your baby forward.

    Great to see a recruiter walking the walking and choosing her team brilliantly.

    Onwards and upwards…I see heels a plenty. One happy coach. 😉

    • And you know what? taking the plunge was not easy, being the control that I am! so I take the opportunity to thank you for your support – I would not have done it without your encouragement and support… my unreasonable friend x

  2. Brilliant blog! Amanda, relenquishing control is no mean feat for you – I’m proud (and a little in awe …;-) ) Caroline, you ladies are a perfect proffesional match. Cant wait to hear about all the good work you are doing together. Is this “girl power”, “woman power”, “red head power” or “petite power” going on? xxx

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