About the Shoes

Clicking my heels together 3 times and making it happen! I work with individuals and Co’s mentoring and facilitating, I am THE recruiter you need to work with.


Birchwood Recruits.  I work with businesses developing their Sales and Marketing strategy by introducing new people in order to increase their cashflow and profits. I take the time to understand what your business plans are for the next 24 months as it is only when I have a good understanding of what your plans look like that I can deliver the right people to support the needs and wants of both the business and its customers.

Birchwood Mentors.  Birchwood works with individuals on all aspects of getting a job, keeping a job and excelling in that role. I mentors directly with individuals on structuring their own career ladder, preparing a winning CV, and I give bespoke Career Advice. Candidate experience and candidate confidence are both key when employers are interviewing. I work with people on a one to one basis to ensure that any candidate, at any level, gives their very best both during the interview process and in the job itself.

I Care.  Birchwood works with businesses of all sizes and types and gives, an honest appraisal of sales and marketing teams in order to ensure that the right people are in the business, and more importantly that those people are doing the right things in those organisations. It’s ability to understand people that really makes the difference; it is about the people and not the placements. I am a facilitator. Not a consultant that relies on theory and puts people in boxes, but someone with a genuine passion for getting things right, working to empower people to make their own decisions about their own business.

To find out how we can best work together please contact me in the best way for you for a totally confidential discussion


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