Amanda has nearly two decades of experience to call on and in response to both client and candidate demand has written 3 books to enable you to learn more about the process… when you understand the process you understand what you need to do. Please review on Amazon once you have read your chosen book; we would love to hear from you

guide to interviewingGuide to Interviewing: No matter how often you have done it interviewing candidates can be a challenging prospect which is why Amanda has written a book on the subject Guide to Interviewing Candidates is available on Amazon for £6.99 and will enable you to gain a valuable insight into how to interview successfully

guide to interivewsGoing for interview? Feeling nervous? Plan it then!! Get a recruiter in your pocket for £6.99. Amanda’s book Guide To Interviews will talk your through the process and help you to avoid the pitfalls to ensure you get the job you want

guide to questionsIf you are interviewing or being interviewed you will be asked and have to answer questions. Knowing why those questions are being asked, along with both how to ask and answer them will put you steps ahead of the competition. Invest £6.99 to ensure you are asking and answering in the best way. Whether you are an interviewer, an interviewee or a recruiter Guide to Interview Questions is the one for you!


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